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Confessions of a Trailor Monkey

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14th September 2010

10:30pm: Writer's Block: 10 Years From Now
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Honestly? Probably dead.

24th August 2010

9:37pm: Prompt table for schoomp bingo
massage – erotic
making out
anniversary – perfect gift
kidfic – first injury
movie night
cuddling in vehicle
long-lost love
kissing it better
love at first sight
baking cookies
day at the beach
butterfly kisses
amusement park
birthday – surprise party
illness – minor
kitchen disaster
holding hands
autumn holiday/festival
Eskimo kisses
sunset stroll
coffee shop

16th May 2010

7:20am: Congrats to the happy couple
Big congrats to Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris on their wedding yesterday. So far only two pics have been posted, but they both look very happy.
Of course tinhats and haters are wanking, but the majority of fans are happy for them.
I wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, health, and beautiful, healthy children. And their kids will be beautiful, talented people.
I know a lot of people out there don't like Danneel, don't like that Jensen has someone, etc. But they've been friends for a long time. They've been together at least three years. And the way they look at each other, it just makes me melt. I've rarely seen a celebrity couple so obviously crazy about each other like they are. They don't need PDA. Their eyes say it all.
So here's to Jensen and Danneel.

26th March 2010

4:47am: Writer's Block: My Mythical Creature
If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what sort of creature would you choose and what special powers would it have?

I would totally want one of those winged demon thing from Chick Tracts. but to get one of those I'd have to be gay or a Freemason. Maybe I should ask my dad where he keeps his since he's a Mason.
Do gay Masons get two?
4:44am: But it doesn't kill who it should

25th January 2010

3:07am: PUDDING!
Yeah, I doubt many of you will get that.
But the Supernatural hellatus is over! And Thursday's episode was incredible. Can't wait for the next episode. And the one with Ash. And little!Sam. And Bobby's wife. Etc, etc, etc.

The Colts are going to the Super Bowl! It's going to be a good game, that's for sure. And the Saints deserve the trip, too. Just wondering if Favre is going to 'retire' again this year.

Best news of all: I'm going to be an aunt again in September! Quite a surprise to my sister as she will be 39 by then and had given up having more children after Bryan. All is going well so far and everybody is thrilled.

5th January 2010

6:24am: Why is it...
Why is that the thing we want most, something as simple as a hug, is the one thing we can never have?
Current Mood: crushed

28th December 2009

2:57am: That's not how you win
Or I'm still pissed about the Colts game.
You don't pull the starters in the third quarter when you're only up by five points. I don't care if you want to rest them for the playoffs. You still have one more game before playoffs. You have first week bye on the playoffs. You also most likely have a lot of your starters going to the Pro Bowl, which is the week before the Super Bowl.
This is why you lost. This is why Peyton Manning was pissed on national tv. Do not piss off your star quarterback especially when he has a temper like Peyton. He doesn't show it often, but when he does, watch out. He will let you know he's not happy. And I don't blame him. I'm sure he's not the only player pissed off about that move.
If the score had been better, if there had been more of a lead, if it was the fourth quarter, it would be a different story.
If they pull this trick again, I will have to hurt somebody.
Current Mood: pissed off

19th December 2009

1:38am: Letter to Santa
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Saturday I gave dark_princess17 a Dutch Oven (-10 points). In November I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). In April I helped y2jdingo across the street (6 points). In March xlormp and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points). In February I pushed eye_of_a_cat in the mud (-17 points).

Overall, I've been nice (9 points). For Christmas I deserve a wedgie!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

30th October 2009

8:46pm: 30 NaNo shots
01. reflection 06. fallow 11. fluke 16. paralysis 21. secret 26. loyalty
02. letter 07. might 12. hunger 17. separation 22. guilt 27. wither
03. encounter 08. complicated 13. acceptance 18. wish 23. crush 28. routine
04. time 09. faith 14. memory 19. home 24. sick 29. discover
05. fall 10. change 15. broken 20. lose 25. writer's choice 30. writer's choice

27th October 2009

10:13pm: Writer's Block: Seeing stars
Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

Dean Winchester, just because he's Dean. He's brave, strong, loyal, and knows how to kill just about anything. He's somebody who will do what it takes to protect his family and friends. But don't ever get on his bad side and do not hurt somebody he cares about. He went to hell to save his brother.
Plus, he's super adorably handsome.

18th October 2009

3:07pm: Writer's Block: Bucket list
If you found out you only had six months left to live, what would you do with the rest of your life? Do you have a "bucket list"?

I'd have sex. Preferably with a Manning brother or Jensen Ackles. But I'd have sex with someone.

10th September 2009

12:08pm: The government likes me!
Just got off the phone with the SSI office. I've been approved and should get my back pay by the end of the month! That will be enough to take care of a few things, such as some new clothes and other things. I can get back on food stamps. I can help buy Thanksgiving dinner this year again. Just a few more weeks of being dead broke. It's not much money, but every little bit helps.
Dad said not to let anybody else know. He thinks Rory will want money. Rory makes almost $100,000 a year. He doesn't need anything from me. I don't know why he hates him so much.

In other good news, less than eight hours to the premiere of season five of Supernatural. Yay!
Current Mood: cheerful

4th September 2009

12:35am: For spn_30snapshots
01. skin 06. feel 11. heat 16. ache 21. desire 26. surrender
02. bite 07. kiss 12. wet 17. flush 22. tangle 27. truth
03. slick 08. touch 13. secret 18. lust 23. comfort 28. lies
04. promise 09. need 14. dance 19. trust 24. covet 29. future
05. betrayal 10. past 15. laughter 20. beginning 25. heart 30. ending

31st August 2009

7:23am: Writer's Block: Under Protest
Have you ever participated in a boycott? What did you boycott and why?

I refused to watch the 2008 Summer Olympics because of China's human rights abuse. I'm not much into the Olympics anyway, but some of my favorite softball players were on the US team and that was the only thing I really hated to miss.
There are certain authors I refuse to read because of their behaviour towards people who don't kiss up to them or they're plagerists. Lee Goldberg, Victoria Laurie, Laurell K. Hamilton (plus she's a crap writer), Cassie Edwards, Cassie Claire, and Janet Dailey are ones I absolutely refuse to read.
But for the most part, I find boycotts stupid and confusing.

24th August 2009

4:16am: Maybe the government likes me after all
For several months now I have been in the process of applying for SSI/disability. My weight makes it hard to walk or stand and the depression makes it hard to concentrate on anything. Life is a genetic crap shoot and I drew the short straw in the family. I can deal with that.
I really hate the process of applying for anything to do with the government, mainly because everything must be documented. It's a long process before it even gets to the medical exams.
I had the physcial exam last Monday. My sister took me since it was in Conroe and Dad didn't want to drive that far. It was a nice trip, we did a lot of talking and got caught up on things. I also learned a few things about Mom that didn't really surprise me. We only had a slight problem finding the doctor's office because we missed out exit.
The exam didn't take very long because the doctor could see right away that he didn't need to do the full exam to make his report. I was back in Huntsville and crusing Wal-Mart before 10 am.
The psych evaulation was scheduled for this Wednesday, but a few days ago I got a call from the Social Security office saying it was cancelled. The report from the physcial exam was enough to make a decision. Of course, due to privacy issues, they couldn't tell me what the decision was. I should hear something in about two weeks. The fact that they made a decision based on just one exam makes me almost optimistic that maybe this time I was approved. I don't expect much, but it will be enough to keep me on the hospital district program and get me back on food stamps. I can qualify for housing, but I'll have to think that one over.
If they deny me, I don't know what I'm going to do.
I just wish Zane was still alive so I could share this with him.
Current Mood: optimistic

14th July 2009

7:45am: I got a Twitter

Shelby signed me up for Twitter and then forgot to give me the password. So I had to reset the password. Aah, the joys of children.
But I got it up and working now. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

26th June 2009

5:47am: I am so scared
Been a long time since I posted. Been a lot that's happened.
But the thing is, I'm scared. I've been hit by a really bad depression/melancholy episode. Weird sleeping patterns, lots of crying, and too much sad music and sad stories. It's not constant. There have been rare moments when I've been almost happy, almost normal. Even laughed a time or two. But it never lasts.
For the first time in a long time, I picked up a knife with serious intent. Luckily, it never really get that far. Never leave a mark anybody would really notice.
Been too damn hot here. Over 100 every day and weeks without rain. That doesn't help things.
I go to the clinic today. That's if I keep the appointment. Haven't been to sleep yet.
I'm torn between needing to know what's wrong and being scared to find out. Something has been gnawing at my gut for days now. Not sure if it's something about me or things in general. It's not a happy world out there right now. And there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I wish there was.
Current Mood: scared

24th April 2009

9:24am: I <3 Netflix
Like many MST3K fans, I love old cheesy Sci-Fi/Horror/Teen Explotation movies and old educational shorts. Netflix is a gold mine for such thing. I've found a bunch of movies and shorts for my queue. I have a few waiting to be watched already, but right now I'm finishing up season two of the Invaders. I'm glad they finally released season two. I watched season one when it was first released and loved it. I wish this show had lasted longer. I wonder if they will ever release the tv movie remake that Scott Bakula did. I wouldn't mind seeing that.
I have a theory that Jeremiah Smith is actually a clone of David Vincent.

And now Critters!

These unicreatures have finished evolving and are pretty to look at.
Totally evolved unicreaturesCollapse )

These are extra bunnies from the Easter Egg hunt. They're showcased, but still evolving.
Extra Easter unicreaturesCollapse )

These are my currently active unicreatures. Many are close to evolving to the next level. I also have four eggs here.
Active unicreaturesCollapse )

Here's my current brood of dragons. I'd love for the spring to be female and I need at least one other female to name after my grandmother. If the skywing is male, it will be named after Uncle Wally. If female, after Aunt Velma, the very fertile. I still can't get the ones named after my maternal grandparents to produce an egg. I find that ironic as they had four kids by the time they were married five years.
Dragon eggs and hatchlingsCollapse )

7th April 2009

1:14am: Death meme
Yanked from freezer. This is interesting. Of course my 14th birthday was the day of the San Francisco earthquake in 1989, which was four days before my grandmother died.

135,033 People

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6th April 2009

10:39am: Critters!
I have eggs, hatchlings, and unicreatures. All could use love.

Unicreatures!Collapse )

Dragon eggs and hatchlings!Collapse )

1st April 2009

10:07pm: new eggs
So far I've managed to grab two new eggs. Can't wait until breeding is turned back on.
ETA: Got two more eggs. I would be willing to trade the second Skywing for a Rock or Split.

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