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I <3 Netflix

Like many MST3K fans, I love old cheesy Sci-Fi/Horror/Teen Explotation movies and old educational shorts. Netflix is a gold mine for such thing. I've found a bunch of movies and shorts for my queue. I have a few waiting to be watched already, but right now I'm finishing up season two of the Invaders. I'm glad they finally released season two. I watched season one when it was first released and loved it. I wish this show had lasted longer. I wonder if they will ever release the tv movie remake that Scott Bakula did. I wouldn't mind seeing that.
I have a theory that Jeremiah Smith is actually a clone of David Vincent.

And now Critters!

These unicreatures have finished evolving and are pretty to look at.

These are extra bunnies from the Easter Egg hunt. They're showcased, but still evolving.

These are my currently active unicreatures. Many are close to evolving to the next level. I also have four eggs here.

Here's my current brood of dragons. I'd love for the spring to be female and I need at least one other female to name after my grandmother. If the skywing is male, it will be named after Uncle Wally. If female, after Aunt Velma, the very fertile. I still can't get the ones named after my maternal grandparents to produce an egg. I find that ironic as they had four kids by the time they were married five years.
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