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Maybe the government likes me after all

For several months now I have been in the process of applying for SSI/disability. My weight makes it hard to walk or stand and the depression makes it hard to concentrate on anything. Life is a genetic crap shoot and I drew the short straw in the family. I can deal with that.
I really hate the process of applying for anything to do with the government, mainly because everything must be documented. It's a long process before it even gets to the medical exams.
I had the physcial exam last Monday. My sister took me since it was in Conroe and Dad didn't want to drive that far. It was a nice trip, we did a lot of talking and got caught up on things. I also learned a few things about Mom that didn't really surprise me. We only had a slight problem finding the doctor's office because we missed out exit.
The exam didn't take very long because the doctor could see right away that he didn't need to do the full exam to make his report. I was back in Huntsville and crusing Wal-Mart before 10 am.
The psych evaulation was scheduled for this Wednesday, but a few days ago I got a call from the Social Security office saying it was cancelled. The report from the physcial exam was enough to make a decision. Of course, due to privacy issues, they couldn't tell me what the decision was. I should hear something in about two weeks. The fact that they made a decision based on just one exam makes me almost optimistic that maybe this time I was approved. I don't expect much, but it will be enough to keep me on the hospital district program and get me back on food stamps. I can qualify for housing, but I'll have to think that one over.
If they deny me, I don't know what I'm going to do.
I just wish Zane was still alive so I could share this with him.
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