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That's not how you win

Or I'm still pissed about the Colts game.
You don't pull the starters in the third quarter when you're only up by five points. I don't care if you want to rest them for the playoffs. You still have one more game before playoffs. You have first week bye on the playoffs. You also most likely have a lot of your starters going to the Pro Bowl, which is the week before the Super Bowl.
This is why you lost. This is why Peyton Manning was pissed on national tv. Do not piss off your star quarterback especially when he has a temper like Peyton. He doesn't show it often, but when he does, watch out. He will let you know he's not happy. And I don't blame him. I'm sure he's not the only player pissed off about that move.
If the score had been better, if there had been more of a lead, if it was the fourth quarter, it would be a different story.
If they pull this trick again, I will have to hurt somebody.
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