karmyn75 (karmyn75) wrote,

Congrats to the happy couple

Big congrats to Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris on their wedding yesterday. So far only two pics have been posted, but they both look very happy.
Of course tinhats and haters are wanking, but the majority of fans are happy for them.
I wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, health, and beautiful, healthy children. And their kids will be beautiful, talented people.
I know a lot of people out there don't like Danneel, don't like that Jensen has someone, etc. But they've been friends for a long time. They've been together at least three years. And the way they look at each other, it just makes me melt. I've rarely seen a celebrity couple so obviously crazy about each other like they are. They don't need PDA. Their eyes say it all.
So here's to Jensen and Danneel.
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